Friday, 18 March 2011

Holly Fulton at London Fashion Week

Today was Holly Fulton's London Fashion Week show and she did not disappoint. One thing that I think is instantly noticeable is how wearable the collection is. This is something she has improved on season after season and the majority of the pieces of this season's collection are extremely wearable with her signature edginess. 

What I found particularly stunning was her use of print, especially on the maxi skirts and dresses which created a gorgeous summery super luxe finish. And her integration of oversized statement jewellery into the structure of the garments, whilst nothing new, was impeccably done.

Her colour palette was very similar to the majority of her previous collections, mostly blues, yellows and a lot of black, and this is certainly becoming signature of her designs. This could get a bit too samey as time goes on, however I have full faith in Holly that her stunning designs will stop things from ever getting old.

It's difficult to pick a favourite piece from the collection, especially when the maxis she sent out left me close to drooling (and are clothes I would certainly wear if I was so lucky!) but I think I would actually go for the long sleeved yellow shift dress with the statement necklace. It was just so chic, so edgy and so Holly.

Images from Catwalk Queen and Grazia.

Holly Fulton for Asos!

When I logged on to Facebook today I was greeted with the Asos page telling me about Holly Fulton. Imagine my suprise! After a bit of detective work (mainly just browsing Asos) I found she currently has 9 pieces on the website. Of course they are not part of her catwalk collections, they are evidentally a collaboration for the website, but nonetheless it is a great opportunity to get your hands on some of her signature style for VERY purse friendly prices.

I am a sucker for accessories, as I've said before, and have completely fallen in love with this Fairtrade Skyscraper Scarf, £40.00, and this exclusive Monochrome Pendant, £27.00 (down from £50.00), both of which are now on their way to me and making my purse a lot lighter!

The Printed Jersey Top is also very cute and now at £12.00 down from £45.00 is an absolute steal. I'll be really suprised if these don't sell out soon, especially if there's some more Holly fans like me out there!

Images from Asos.

Oscar Night

My boyfriend, who is film mad, decided that he was going to stay up until 5am last night to watch the Oscars from start to finish. He also decided that I was going to join him in this maddness. I was slightly suprised that The Social Network didn't receive more awards, especially considering it completely missed out on all of the big ones (I was particularly suprised that David Fincher missed out on Best Director).

But of course it's not really about the films. It's all about the fashion. There were fewer train wrecks than usual this year, and whilst I wouldn't call Penelope Cruz's dress a disaster, I was significantly underwhelmed by it and thought it looked more like a dress you would wear to a house party than to the Oscars. 

Cate Blanchett in Givenchy

In fact, I did find myself underwhelmed by a lot of dresses this year, there seemed to be a theme of playing-it-safe-classic-cuts which I did start to get bored with. And then along came Cate Blanchett. This dress divided the critics, but I absolutely adore it. It's a dress by Givenchy (but I can't help feeling it's geometric style is similar to that of Holly Fulton) that personally I can't actually fault! To me the cut, colour and innovation are all perfect.

Others than I feel worth mentioning are Mila Kunis in Elie Saab Haute Couture, Jennifer Hudson pioneering the red trend in Versace and Gwyneth Paltrow in a gorgeous gold Brian Atwood number. But Cate is by far my favourite of the night. Red was definitely a huge trend for the Oscars but I found myself being drawn to the more demure colours that created more interesting gowns.

Mila Kunis in Elie Saab Haute Couture
Jennifer Hudson in Versace
Gwyneth Paltrow in Brian Atwood

Images from J'ai Faime Pour Couture, Harper's Bazaar, Hello Beautiful and Tonic Gossip.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Where is the colour?

It's finally February and any fashion follower knows exactly what that means - London Fashion Week is nearly upon us!

One catwalk designer that I am particularly excited about this year is Holly Fulton. An MA gradute from the Royal College of Art, she is fairly new to the LFW scene. The main thing that grabs me from her collection in comparison to a lot of other designers at LFW is her use of colour. 

This skirt gives a pop of summery colour.
Holly's SS11 collection was a mix of popping yellows and vibrant blues against a vast expanse of drab marles and blacks as selected by a number of other designers. Isn't summer supposed to be about colour?! With flippy skirts, maxi dresses and her statement larger-than-life jewellery the collection was right up my street. 

Geometric prints feature heavily.
I am a complete accessories fiend so as you can imagine I cannot wait to see how she has embellished her AW11 collection and I'm excited to see what will hopefully be another popping colour palette against a near inevitable sea of grey.        

Her catwalk show is on Monday 21st February at 9:45am and I for one am hotly anticipating it. 

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Friday, 28 January 2011


Hello world! This is really just a test post to get things up and running, I will post some interesting content soon.